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Originally Posted by: imanalien2010

Anyway I bought a U-Phoria UM2 Audio Interface. [br][br]

Does anyone know of an Audio Interface that works easy and most importantly works on Windows 11 64bit and is budget friendly meaning up to $200 at the most. All help and replies are greatly appreciated.

[p][br]Behringer's UM2 is a long in the tooth very basic super tight budget AI, but will get the job done. Whether you've unnecessarily complicated things with Win11 IDK, but here's a suggestion. [br][br]You might like to try these Behringer specific x64 (Win10) drivers instead of the ASIO4ALL ones. They work with Win 10x64. Follow the installation procedure in this vid.[br][br]I use Behringer's U-phoria UMC204HD which I've had for about four years, still running on Win10x64. It works well. Expanded feature set similar to Focusrite's 4i4 without the price tag of even the 2i2.[br][br]As for Win11 compatibility. Behringer have released Win11 drivers for my UMC204HD, but I can't find anything specifically for the UM2. I suspect Scarlett's driver support is superior across the range including for their Solo. I don't use them, so can't say definitively, but Scarlett they have released Win11 drivers for the Scarlett series including the popular 2i2 & 4i4 3rd Gen which they keep updated.

Not bagging Focusrite's Scarlett series for anyone who prefers to go there. They make good kit. But the brand is significently more expensive in my country. I just don't want to pay a premium when it brings nothing more to my table I need or will use. The Midas preamps are more than adequate for my ears and needs. My strategy was/is save the money on buying hardware that does the job I need it to do without the popular brand price tag, which left/leaves more in the kitty to buy other things. i.e. my preferred DAW software. (PreSonus Studio One)[br][br]GL. You'll work it out one way or the other.