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I'm really shocked that you haven't received even one response in 4 days! That's not typical here.

I don't know a thing about the interface you mentioned. But to answer your request of a recomendation of one take a look at the Scarlett line of interfaces.

I see them often recommended in forums like this one. The 2i2, which is what I have linked above, comes in within your budget. And this chubby, old, retired guitarist had no trouble using mine and I enjoyed it.

Before you click on the "Buy" button make sure you understand the Focusrite numbering system. The number before and after the "i" in the product name represent the number of inputs in and lines out, respectively.

So 2i2 obviously means two lines in and 2 out. Your immediate reaction, even though you are not in a band, might be to get the Scarlett Solo, just one input. But the cost difference between it and the 2i2 is minimal. You might at some point want to sing with your playing and so you can use both an input for your guitar and an input for a microphone. Or one day a buddy with a guitar may show up to jam and you want to record you both. Just something to consider.

I hope this delayed response helps and let us know what you get.

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