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Originally Posted by: alanjames286My major issue is making the chord changes fast enough as well as stopping my strumming pattern due to being behind on the chord changes.

Break the process down into smaller focused practice strategies.

In order to get better at chord changes, solely focus on the physical motions required. Pick 2 chords to work on. Don't strum in time, don't add anything else to the process.

Play a C chord. Make sure you get a clear, clean sound. Stop.

Play a G chord. Get a clear, clean sound. Stop.


Substitute in other chords as necessary to work them into the process.

Same thing for strumming. Just focus on the strumming pattern. Don't add chord changes, don't go too fast. Just pick one chord & strum it with a solid pattern focusing on staying in time. Focus on gliding across the strings. Don't dig in too deep & get the pick stuck. Focus on staying relaxed, don't get tense.

As you improve those skills gradually add other tasks, combine a chord change with a strumming pattern.

Hope that helps!

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