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Originally Posted by: snojones

Now all I have to do is find somebody who looks good".

Yeah but isn't that kind of where we are with singers. When was the last time a fat ugly bald guy won American Idol?

Apologies to all fat ugly bald guys who can sing...

I wasn't impressed with the looks either. Too futuristic for me. I'm more of a purist. I hope to aquire an ES335 someday and if I see a touchscreen in it I'm gonna cry. Not just because of the looks but you know Gibson will mark it up to 10 grand.

Looks aside they must be selling because this is an upgrade from the Two version which didn't have the screen. Just three buttons. They also have a Pro version out which is more Dread size with an oval back similar to the Ovations of the past.

Like I said, you can't stop progress. If you can call it that.