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Hi Alan and welcome.

It is great that you are taking up learning the guitar, as it is very good for your brain health and it is really fun! Just enjoy the process and don't compare yourself to others. You can certainly do this!

Nicolai is spot on! I know people who can only play a few songs they learned, and only in the key they learned it in and then maybe a few riffs here and there!

With this program, you learn the actual fundamentals and that will take your farther on the journey!

I also agree with Nicolai that you don't have to master each section, You can move forward and come back needed!

Also, look through the song section, they have some super easy ones that you can give a try, while you work through the fundamentals!

How do you like your guitar? I am not familiar with the amazon guitars, but I do know that having a guitar that fits you and is set up well can make a world of difference!

Glad your here and look forward to hearing about your progress!