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Originally Posted by: aliasmaximusYes, you did... in the same manner as every other GT instructor, which is to teach all the strings horizontally, fret by fret. You have a couple of diagrams in the first lesson but never explain what they mean or how that's supposed to help one learn the entire fretboard. You typically knock every lesson out of the park, Chris - but not this time.[/quote]

The link I sent was to the first lesson of an entire chapter on learning the note names & their structure. I do it 2 strings sets at a time, while concretizing it with melodies. Then I explain the overall structure & incorporate accidentals.


It's a great introduction to note names, fretboard layout, and introduces a methodical process for identifying individual notes. But it doesn't provide a strategy for quickly identifying those same notes when they are presented in random order, such as the fretboard challenge in the toolbox.

[p]Yes, that's beyond the scope of the beginner level fundamentals. Most of what a beginner learns happens in the lower fretboard; open strings through first 5 frets.

If you want a system for the entire fretboard, then I suggest the octave method I cover in my music theory tutorial.

Hope that helps!

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