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Originally Posted by: manXcat

As your technique inmproves you'll be able to use picks like the Jazz III for strumming too. But it will take time. In the meantime.[br][br]Dunlop full size nylons are pretty versatile. Try moving up a gauge or two for discrete note picking along with altering the depth to which you are holding the pick. You should still be able to strum OK with a .73 and it'll be just that little bit more rigid for picking, particularly if held closer to the tip. If that doesn't work, try an .88.[br][br]

Thank you!!! I have been experimenting with a variety pack of Dunlop picks and I totally agree with you the .73 does give me more of a sense of control. The torex pick in the pack sounds better to me than the nylon however. I will work with this one for awhile to get use to how ridge it is when strumming. I appreciate the feedback!!!