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Hello everyone, I with my friends just realesed album and wanna know yours opinion and constructive criticism, if you have one.

The Wicker Man - Sentience

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I think it is very well done and enjoyed listening to it and thought it was well recorded.

Since you ask, and I assume you already know this, the music is intricate, moody. Not exactly Billboard top 100 stuff. But that is fine. If this is what your musical expression creates... it's not good or bad. It's just you.

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Simply beautiful!!

Intricate well thought out arrangements. Highly melodic and vast tone color. Dark?... yes and quite articulate about it... keep it up! Can you play these compositions live? Or is it only audiable through the magic of multi tracking? Is Wickerman a group or a composit of studio mussicians? Did you do the production or use a producer?


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