Epiphone Les Paul Upgrades

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Hi ,

I have an epiphone les paul modern figured and after watching this from Darrell Braun:


I have considered upgrading the pickups for something versatile to play almost all genres of music (but more alt rock, hard rock and classic as i like to play around with almost anything ) I want to have it as a jack of all trades electric guitar.

I have considered something from seymour Duncan potentially P-rails (maybe with triple shot), but am open to suggestion to something different. Does anyone have experience with P-Rails?

Is there anything else can can add to make it more play-ably versatile like a bigsby/vibramate ?

Dont know if this helps but recently I am working toward playing songs from the likes of:

Soundgarden, green day, Fleetwood mac, Metallica, rolling stones, red hot chilli peppers, Jimi Hendrix, RATM, linkin park, nirvana, pink Floyd, foo fighters, joy division, QOTSA, the doors, imagine dragons, Stone roses.

Does you have suggestions?

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This is a great question and requires a bit of nuanced knowledge and detail. I'm sure some of our members will be able to provide insight to this! You might also want to post this question to the 'Ask A Guitar Tech' thread.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us.
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