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Jon (If I may be so informal)

This is by far the most user friendly site I have found that caters for beginners and more advanced guitar players (I am in the former category)

I have a request.....
Would it be possible to incorporate on the site a chord finding tool??, I know that there are sites on the net that are available to do this, but one that is just a click away on this site would be of real benefit to me in particular, and, I suspect any other beginners.
Of course I know that time and money are involved in this sort of thing, but a enhancement such as this, would benefit all the members.

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Since jon and the hosts probably dont have a lot of time (wait, maybe they do, they posted about 30 tricks each, hehe) I'll just give you a link to put on your favorite places, and thus it will be just a click away. This chord finder really helped me learn all the common chords and some of the not so common ones, of the ones I've seen on the net it has the most chords, and also many different fingerings for each. Not only does it have all your major, minor, dim, aug, 6,7, 9, 11, 13 chords with all the variations (6add9 and so on,) as well as the minor and major version of the chords m6, M6, m7, 7, M7, but it also has the slash chords D/E and so on. When I got into learning jazz, this was a great way for me to learn the movable shapes for all the chords I'd never heard of before. Here's the url: http://www.ws64.com/guitarchords/

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