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Originally Posted by: Tinpan

every now and then I stumble across a nugget that makes me think...well why didn't someone just say so in the first place.

The guitar is very visual pattern oriented. So any pattern that helps you understand better how to play music is certainly beneficial. And the pattern he is using is a handy way to see the relative major & minor pattern that is implied in a great deal of guitar pedagogy.

Having said that, I'm not sure how much easier this is than just memorizing any major scale pattern. After all you still have to learn or know the harmonization of chord qualities. Then how to actually play those voicings. And you are still just stuck on root position chord voicings on the E & A string barre chord roots. And it doesn't really explain why those shapes result in the correct sounds.

Anyway, here's my tutorial on harmonizing the major scale!

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