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Mike Olekshy
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Mike Olekshy
Guitar Tricks Instructor
Joined: 09/21/10
Posts: 1,051
10/15/2021 1:06 pm

Hi Martin! As for the song structure, it repeats the same chord progression all the way through - G D Am Am7 then G D C.

You have correctly worked out the strum pattern which is the same for every bar:


For the C chord - on beats 3 and 4 - I'm adding a higher G note to the chord (3rd fret of the 1st string). This does NOT change the chord to C7 - it still remains a C major chord, just a slightly different voicing.

Hopefully this covers your questions! Once again, I'm sorry for all the confusion!

Now that you are clear on the strum pattern and chord changes, the best way to work through this is to slow the performance video down (using the speed buttons on the left side of the video frame), and do your best to match your playing along with the instructor.

Good luck and let me know how it goes!


Originally Posted by: martjor854

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your time. I have printed off some notation and applied the 16 note pattern

to the notation, I am not sure of the songs complete structure for the Acoustic guitar version of this song. I enjoyed watching the electric guitar version.

I have watched the Intro video lesson and looked at the notation:

I am interested in playing the Acoustic guitar basically on its own with the backing track.

Notation for Acoustic Guitar lesson 3 and video.

apologies for all the questions I just want to get this correct so that I can practice correctly.

please can you look over this ( from this lesson I have learnt that the 16th pattern can be played in different ways)

What confused me was the fact that in this lesson not every 16th chord note was sounded, with 4 not sounded.

Did you say repeat the pattern DD DUDU for Beats 3 and 4 have I must have got confused

this is when the D major chord comes in DUDUxUxU

please can you check the way I have set out the song I feel it is correct.

I think this is how the video and notation shows it also.

someone said on the forum that the pattern was


1and 2e and A 3and 4eand A

the problem is that if we applied this to beat 3 and beat 4 it would be different to the notation and video. Just an observation.

I will set out exactly how I will Play the intro and other sections ( I think this is correct

if you could outline the full string structure, it repeats continually doesn't it)

beat 1 G major chord (played over Beats 1 and 2)these chords share bar 1

1 e and a 2eand a

D. D. DuDu. DD beat 1. DUDU beat 2

The D major chord starts on Beat 3

3. E and a 4 e and a

D.u. D. U U. U. This is how the D major is shown on notation and video

Only the e and the last a are used

DUDU used in 3eand a 4 eand a only uses the two upstrums

bar 2

in this bar Am and Am7 is introduced half ways through the bar


AM is strummed exactly the same as beat 1 shown in bar 1 the G maj chord

the Am7 added with the pinky on the G note with Am staying down

comes in at the 3e and a ( it is also played over the 4th beat

the Am7 is strummed exactly the same as the D major chord in beat 3 bar 1



only the last two uostrums are used in the fourth beat exactly like the D major chord.

x means not played

bar 3

G major and D major share this bar in the same way as Bar 1

Played exactly the same as Bar 1


Cmajor chord for the whole bar

1eand a 2eand A 3eand a 4 e and a


althiugh the notation shows C for whole bar the video shiws a C7 added

half way thru bar like the Am 7 was added in bar 2

C7[br]played over Beats 3 and 4

DUDU with the two upstrums on the 4eand a only used as with Am7

the verse is played as follows G D Am Am7. G D C with repeat : marks meaning it's played twice and played exactly the same ways as the chords mentioned above.

the Chorus is the same as the verse and played the same.

the intro

G D Am Am7 G D C

I thinks there are three verses in the song

[br]you said after Am somewhere the C major chord come in and is played over 1,2,3,4

Do you mean Beats 1,2,3,4 or chords G D shown in bar 1

Mike I deeply appreciate your time and thank you I know you have a lot of students.


Keep rockin!
Mike Olekshy
GT Guitar Coach