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10/14/2021 8:28 pm

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your time. I have printed off some notation and applied the 16 note pattern

to the notation, I am not sure of the songs complete structure for the Acoustic guitar version of this song. I enjoyed watching the electric guitar version.

I have watched the Intro video lesson and looked at the notation:

I am interested in playing the Acoustic guitar basically on its own with the backing track.

Notation for Acoustic Guitar lesson 3 and video.

apologies for all the questions I just want to get this correct so that I can practice correctly.

please can you look over this ( from this lesson I have learnt that the 16th pattern can be played in different ways)

What confused me was the fact that in this lesson not every 16th chord note was sounded, with 4 not sounded.

Did you say repeat the pattern DD DUDU for Beats 3 and 4 have I must have got confused

this is when the D major chord comes in DUDUxUxU

please can you check the way I have set out the song I feel it is correct.

I think this is how the video and notation shows it also.

someone said on the forum that the pattern was


1and 2e and A 3and 4eand A

the problem is that if we applied this to beat 3 and beat 4 it would be different to the notation and video. Just an observation.

I will set out exactly how I will Play the intro and other sections ( I think this is correct

if you could outline the full string structure, it repeats continually doesn't it)

beat 1 G major chord (played over Beats 1 and 2)these chords share bar 1

1 e and a 2eand a

D. D. DuDu. DD beat 1. DUDU beat 2

The D major chord starts on Beat 3

3. E and a 4 e and a

D.u. D. U U. U. This is how the D major is shown on notation and video

Only the e and the last a are used

DUDU used in 3eand a 4 eand a only uses the two upstrums

bar 2

in this bar Am and Am7 is introduced half ways through the bar


AM is strummed exactly the same as beat 1 shown in bar 1 the G maj chord

the Am7 added with the pinky on the G note with Am staying down

comes in at the 3e and a ( it is also played over the 4th beat

the Am7 is strummed exactly the same as the D major chord in beat 3 bar 1



only the last two uostrums are used in the fourth beat exactly like the D major chord.

x means not played

bar 3

G major and D major share this bar in the same way as Bar 1

Played exactly the same as Bar 1


Cmajor chord for the whole bar

1eand a 2eand A 3eand a 4 e and a


althiugh the notation shows C for whole bar the video shiws a C7 added

half way thru bar like the Am 7 was added in bar 2

C7[br]played over Beats 3 and 4

DUDU with the two upstrums on the 4eand a only used as with Am7

the verse is played as follows G D Am Am7. G D C with repeat : marks meaning it's played twice and played exactly the same ways as the chords mentioned above.

the Chorus is the same as the verse and played the same.

the intro

G D Am Am7 G D C

I thinks there are three verses in the song

[br]you said after Am somewhere the C major chord come in and is played over 1,2,3,4

Do you mean Beats 1,2,3,4 or chords G D shown in bar 1

Mike I deeply appreciate your time and thank you I know you have a lot of students.