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10/05/2021 6:48 am
Originally Posted by: martjor854


I was taught that 16 note pattern is counted as follows

1e and a 2e and a 3e and a 4 e and a = 16 beats per pattern

you count it as

1 and 2e and a 3 and 4 e and a

knocking on heavens door acoustic guitar only

my Question is in Dylan's song hiw is this pattern applied to each chord


You are correct in that 16th note patterns are most often counted using 1-e-and-a, 2-e-and-a, etc. It looks like Mike was just showing the strums (and omitting the counts for the chords that don't get strummed) but you can still say them in your head. So in the sequence G-D-Am-Am7, you don't strum a chord on each 16th note. There are 4 16th notes for which a chord is not sounded, so you end up playing 12 chords during that sequence. I haven't looked at the lesson but it seemed to me that Mike was saying the strum pattern is

1-e-and-a [strum G on "1" & "and'; so D-(skip)-D-(skip)]

2-e-and-a [strum D on on all 4; so D-U-D-U]

3-e-and-a [strum Am on "1" & "and'; so D-(skip)-D-(skip)]

4-e-and-a [strum Am7 on on all 4; so D-U-D-U]

By the way, usually when I learn a song, I google it and find several lessons. I find getting the same or similar info from different sources can be helpful. Often, they're not exactly the same (maybe someone is teaching it exact, another person is teaching a slightly simplified version, someone else just hears it a bit different) so I'll see what I think about the options and maybe mix and match and add a little of my own flair. There's a bunch of "Knockin on Heaven's Door" lessons.

Also, I know at least one instructor here (Dave Celetano - who has a forum) offers zoom lessons. Not sure what the pricing is but if you are struggling with something and think some real-time interactive instruction would be helpful, you could contact him. I think you can do just a single lesson if that's what you need.