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Mike Olekshy
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Mike Olekshy
Guitar Tricks Instructor
Joined: 09/21/10
Posts: 1,051
08/25/2021 2:46 pm

Hi Martin,

The struming pattern I would use is D D DUDU so that the timing works out. This is a 16th note strumming pattern, which means the first 2 downstrokes are 1 and the and-of-1 (2 strums per beat), while thet next DUDU are 2-e-and-a (4 strums per beat). Then you repeat that strum pattern for the next 2 beats in the bar (3 and 4).

The tempo of the song is 69 bpm.

Hope this helps - let me know how it goes!


Originally Posted by: martjor854

Hi Mike,

I'm slightly confused,

is this the song structure

knocking on heavens door


G D Am Am7.

G D C Intro played twice

then onto Chorus x2

G D Am Am7


then verse 2 which is the same as the chorus played twice


chorus 2. Which is the same as chorus 1

is this played three times ?[br]then


G D Am Am7 to fade

could the following strumming pattern also be used throughout this song


can Imjust confirm the tempo of the song please.

[br]your guitar had a black background so it was hard to see the treble strings

At present

I am working my way through Fundamentals 1but have been studying guitar for the past two years.

I am enjoying the easier version of

It must have been love by Roxette.

very interesting series of lessons.

Thank for your valuable time.

Keep rockin!
Mike Olekshy
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