Vintage V100

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Our neighbour had this lovely Les Paul style guitar just sitting on a stand, the Vintage brand is based in the UK, but what people don't know much is the designer Trevor Wilkinson background.

The V100 has the PAF Humbuckers which Seth Lover the father PAF gave the build instructions to Trevor, and I can tell you these Humbuckers certainly have that honk, and Trevor worked in Fender's Custom Shop with Leo Fender, he certainly knows guitars and tone is.

The great thing about V100 is it stays in tune esp the dreaded G string which is a common thing with Gibson's, it goes down to the angle of V100 headstock and it certainly has the weight this guitar is around9 pounds plus. When I had my V100 setup the tech is a Les Paul owner was impressed he said I can see why Gibson is peed off.

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Very interesting! The world of knockoff guitars is exploding right now. I'll have to check this brand out. There's another brand out of Japan (I think) called Ventura and they made (in the 70's) pretty legit nockoff Gibsons as well. And for a fraction of the price.

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I've had my eye on the Vintage V100 AFD Paradise for sometime, and all the reviews of it seem sot be very positive.

Just need to get better on he guitar so I can justify buying it!

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