Best American Bands by decade.

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Hi All, Enjoying my morning tea and this subject just happened to be on my mind. What`s your favorite American band by decade ? Here are mine: ( Runner up in parentheses)

60`s Beach Boys ( Jimi Hendrix Experience)

70`s Eagles ( Bob Seger and the Siver Bullet Band )

80`s Tom Petty and the Heartbeakers ( The Pretenders )

90`s Pearl Jam ( Soundgarden )

Just my humble opinion. Feel free to agree/disagree or offer your own.


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Great taste moose. 60s : Hendrix (cream). 70s stones (led zep) 80s Tom petty ( dire straits) 90s hard to disagree. Honorable mentions to the stooges and lynyrd skynyrd through all those decades.

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Thanks Tinpan,

A few more American bands worthy of an honorable mention, in no particular order :

Allman Bros. band, Chicago, Guns and Roses, REM, Boston, CCR. Grateful Dead... Just off the top of my head.....

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I can only contribute to this post from a personal perspective moose.

'60s: Alice Cooper.

Even though it was the early 70s when I bought 1st Cooper album, the band was started in the late 60s. It was released in '74. I was 11.

'70s: Kiss

I had read about the band in magazines and heard Rock n Roll all Night on the radio, but being a kid with a paper route, my album budget pretty tight. Albums were $7.29 + 6% tax at the Kmart. So I was browsing through one day looking for another Alice Cooper album, when I came across Kiss's "Hotter than Hell" priced at $2.99! Might have been a mistake but if so it was in my favor. I figured for 3 bucks I could afford the risk of buying an album I didn't like. I loved it! And until AC/DC came out with BiB, I was pretty much listening to Kiss.

Got nothing for the 80's. I was out of school and working, then married and the next 3 or so decades are a blurr.

I should add, AC DC became the only band where I have all the albums, even a bootleg album from the 70s. Bought just recently. But of course, they aren't American.

Thanks for bringing back some memories.

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Oops. Quite right sorry. I sneaked the non-american stones in. Lynyrd skynyrd just got promoted!

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I don’t bother to check when these bands were at their peak (can I use this expression in English?), but I love The Doors, Grateful Dead and Pearl Jam. I’d include Stevie Ray Vaughan also, but he’s not exactle a band

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The mighty Stevie Ray....and double Trouble! Band!

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60s Hendrix (Bufflo Springfield, Joni mitchell -I know she is not a group but she ruled the singer song/song writters of that time-)

70s Allman Brothers (Eagles)

80s Arrowsmith (Journey, Heart)

90s Counting crows (I really got into women singer/ song writters like Shawn Colvin, Tori Amos, Sarah Mclaclan in the 90s)

From 2000 on I have not heard a lot of music that I can actually stand. Deregulation legeslation, the resulting republican Clear Channel radio dictatorship, Auto Tune, and Click Tracking pretty much distroyed music durring that time period. Thank God for Jeff Beck and Joe Bonamossa.

Captcha is a total pain in the........

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60s Hendrix

70s Kiss

80s IDK

90s Tool

00s Tool

10s Tool

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