Left hander wonders which acoustic he should buy?

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Hello forum members, I'm hoping you all can help me with a big decision!

Since I'm a left handed player my selection of LH options is slimmer. I'm looking for an acoustic with a venetian cutaway. Acoustic/electric preferred. Here is what I have been looking at so far:

-Luna High Tide Koa Grand Concert $449

*Koa top/back/sides

-Ibanez AE295L $599

*Okoume top/back/sides

-Martin GPC 11E Road Series $999

*Spruce top, sapele back/sides

-Zager ZAD50CE $1,195

*Spruce top, mahogany sides

-Taylor 224ce-K DLX $1,599 (out of my price range, but I could do a payment plan!)

*Solid Koa top, layered Koa back/sides

I'm an advanced beginner and I use my acoustic to play fingerstyle, old country, campfire and classic rock. I'm a man and my hands and fingers are average size.

Since I don't have a chance to play any of these in person I've been watching YouTube videos to get an idea of their sound. I've also been watching tonewood comparison videos.

I'd appreciate any feedback on the companies, tonewoods, or other options I should consider when buying an acoustic without being able to play it first. Of course, other brand recommendations for a lefty would be appreciated!

My budget is roughly between $500 - $1,200.

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These are some great options here! Maybe some of our left-handed forum users are able to provide a bit more input?

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us.
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I'd be cautious of buying a sub-1000 dollar Martin. I've played a few when visiting stores and all feel 'cheap', but people have accused me of being too picky.

I wish this forum had a "block user" feature. Possibly I'm not the only one......

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The Zager didn't load but there has been some discussion on here about their guitars. Do a search and see what they say.

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