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Hi ,

I started playing guitar last year on my family accoustic and was hoping to try electric guitar.

[br]I know nothing about specs, sound, performance, what to look for etc. because looking cool is what matters ;P JK.) . Obviously I understand that playability is more important .

[br]Aesthetically I have a soft spot for Les Pauls ,and after asking around I was recommended the Epiphone Les Paul standard 60’s or the Epiphone Les Paul Modern Faded. I was also suggested a fender stratocaster player hss pro top.

I tend to like alternative rock/indie, metal and classic rock. I hope am hoping to play select songs from the doors ,red hot chilli peppers, metallica, nirvana, joy division, queens of the stone age jimi hendrix, rolling stones, linkin park and foo fighters.

Also are there an amps or accessories (pedals, capos, cables, straps carry/gig case etc)you would recommend based on my music choice?

In terms of budget I would say for the guitar: £600-800 &[br]Amp: £150-250[br]any advice appreciated

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Your mention of pounds suggests you're in the UK. Have you had a look at the Andertons site?

I'm all for buying local etc., but their site has so much good information - buying guides, beginner's packages etc. Even if you don't buy from them, so much to be had from that site. Their videos do get a bit addictive!

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I love the look of the Les Paul as well, but just realize they are quite heavy, and the necks are usually somewhat bulky, and with only a single cut away, accessing the upper frets could be more of a challenge as well.

I am an epiphone fan as well,. I have a cheap little Epiphone Les Paul special II as well as a newer SG muse. I prefer to play the Muse, because it's not quite as heavy and feels more natural to play for me.

In my opinion, if you get a nice modeling amp, you can experiment with dozens, if not hundreds of sounds, along with tweaking them to an almost infinite number of sounds. I use a Line-6 but there are several modeling amps on the market, to look at, I know fender offers the Mustang.

As for extran gear, a good case is always useful, but I have no particular recomendation, although I suggest a hard case over a soft/foam case.

Capo, never used one.

Cables, since I also DJ, and have some exprensive equipment, I have learned to not skimp when it comes to cables, buy quality cables, they will last a long timne.

Straps, i use one of the elastic style, it gives me a lot more flexibility, and doesn't dig in.

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Buying more guitars, will make me a better player right?

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An offset squier, classic vibe series, such as the Jaguar for grunge, alternative, etc. If you have a soft spot for les paul, then go with the epiphone. Get the guitar that inspires you to play.

amp-definitely go with a modeling amp. Vox makes some really nice ones. Also, fender 25t amp has a strong rep. (Admittedly, I am partial to vox, but that is my preference and I've been playing for a few years). Blackstar Katana is also a nice amp. [br][br]

I second checking out Anderton's website for guidance. Their articles are excellent.

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I recently wrote a post over at Original Fuzz with a comprehensive guide to buying guitars if you're a noob. I wanted to paste the full text here for feedback. Did I get this right? Totally wrong? What did I leave out.

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Originally Posted by: jeanmitchell1.91

I recently wrote a post over at Original Fuzz with a comprehensive guide to buying guitars if you're a noob. I wanted to paste the full text here for feedback. Did I get this right? Totally wrong? What did I leave out.

Do you have a link for this?

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I would try a few guitars...hands on of you can. You may like the looks of a certain guitar but when its in your hands it could feel different. The first time I picked up a Les felt "chuncky" to me. Ended up finding an LTD EC-100QM, which is a Les Paul shape but "felt" right in my hands, and it sounds good.

So if you can, "test play" even if "play" means fretting a few cords, you don't have to play riffs or songs but get a feel for the guitar. I didn't believe it at first but neck shapes make a difference.

Also, don't get hung up on which guitar plays which style, I've seen people play metal on a SSS strat and jazz on a Les Paul.... the point is with any electric you can get any sound you want....period

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I would like to learn a couple of fingerpicking songs by Chet Atkins,hoping that y*all can add these two songs to the website. 1. Freight Train 2. Wheels... Thanks Mike Marshall

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