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Anybody got any advice on what kind of chair to use. I know obviously one without arms, but I really need a comfortable chair for some sciatic problems I have in lower back so was wondering what some of you use.

I've done some research on Guitar chairs and there seem like some nice options out there through amazon, but they are also a little on pricey side. What about just a good dining room chair with a good pad to sit on and back. I'm thinking of hitting a used furniture store this afternon to see if I can find one.

Or would a shop stool with a back be a better option? Should I get something on wheels or one that swivels or totally stationary. I do play standing up sometimes but even standing for long periods at a time hurts that area and my electric guitar seems to have a serious dip at the neck. I've adjusted the strap many ways, but it still keeps dipping downward and I have to spend energy holding it upright which I know is not good. I had read that Gibson SG's were famous for that but this is a Telecaster. Anyone else experience that?

Any ideas?