Steve Vai: Live Broadcast Tomorrow (3/12/21)

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Hey there --

Steve Vai will be doing a live broadcast tomorrow (3/12/21) on his own YouTube channel at 12pm PST. He recently had some surgeries (shoulder and thumb, I think?) and it looks like he's going to be talking about the topic of Hand Health.

His broadcasts (Alien Guitar Secrets) are really good! He does them out of his home studio right where he records all his latest records. For those of you getting up there in age (like I am starting to), you might wanna tune in, to learn about preventing injury.


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Thanks for posting!

I'm having carpal tunnel surgery on my fretting hand in a week and a half... So this is very intersesting. When I can return to playing it will likely be on my electric guitar. Might have to work my way up to the acoustic.

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Wow I just watched this Steve Vai's video. Check it out if you want to actually hear the sound of one hand clapping... with virtuosity!

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Thanks for the heads up Carl. I watched it a couple of days after it was streamed. Should be required watching. I know I need to keep an eye on too much tension so it's always good to get a reminder. It's the only way most things eventually worm their way into my noggin. What an incredible guitarist!!

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