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The iOS app does not have loop mode.

Safari browser on my iPad can sort of try to do loop mode but adjusting the A and B markers is inconsistent at best and mostly just doesn't work.

On my work laptop, I am able to get the loop mode to work in Firefox no problem (though it isn't a great UX) but it is my work laptop and not really for my personal use.

What is the best mobile browser for the site, especially for the looping feature?

I still hope that GT at some point in the future moves to Sound Slice technology. Works perfect on desktop browser, mobile browser, and apps.

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Thanks for this question. The most optimal situation for using the Guitar Tricks looper is on a desktop/laptop using Chrome as a browser. Please send along any looper issues to

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us.
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Thanks for the reply. You didn't really answer my question though, unless you are ultimately telling your customers that there is not a good mobile experience for GT, period.

That's too bad.

Any plans to either improve the app or support mobile browsers?

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