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Originally Posted by: elijahculbertson200

How do I tune my guitar like the instructor does. He tuned his guitar on the key of E. I looked up tuning guitar on the key of E and it sounds nothing like it I must get assistance if I am to do this right.

Which instructor? I don't know who tuned his guitar to open E tuning.

But in open E tuning is the 6th through 1st strings are tuned to E, B, E, G#, B and E, respectively. You apparently know this bcause you said you "looked it up". "It sounds nothing like it"? It sounds nothing like what?

I wouldn't be much help anyway as I have never tried alternate tunings. But I'm sorry I'm just not sure what you are asking.

Maybe if you rephrase the question someone can provide a much more intelligent response than I am offering. You might even consider starting a thread about this subject.

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