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I started playing guitar when I saw BB King on Austin City Limits and Led Zep-The Song Remains the same (at a midnight movie did those things in 1981/82).

I'd wanted to play years before but that was an idea in my head. When I saw BB and then Jimmy the same week, it was in my bones to play. It had to happen. I got a quick start and was comfortable pretty quickly and learned chunks of Rush-Fly by Night, them Led Zep-Black Dog. I also started trying to emulate that BB King 'sting' vibrato.

Sadly, a few years later, I got enamored with shred stuff and while not leaving bluesy stuff behind totally, I spent more time trying to be fast...and I was pretty fast. Like that matters. When I really started coming back to playing, I realized that I mostly dig playing tasteful stuff that was more aligned with blues with a little country twang and a touch of jazz.

Underlying all that is the blues. To me, if I was starting down the path as a player and had Guitar Tricks back then, I'd be taking the Blues path here. Instead of trying so hard to be the fastest (and I never was the fastest), I'd have spent that time on Johnny Winter and Howlin' Wolf.