what are others Yahama THR 2 best settings

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Hi I was wondering what are others Yahama THR 10 ii best settings ?

this can be on the amp it self or in app etc..

I am trying to learn from others and apply them

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This is a great question! I found this video with some great tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJdo6cUnOl4

Someone else posted about this amp in the forum! https://www.guitartricks.com/forum/thread.php?f=2&t=56784

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So far youtube has not been kind for us people searching for good settings. Almost every "important" youtube channel is very excited about it but they don't dive in on settings. I did make some screenshots during those vids and I came up with the settings

Gain around 11oclock, master full, bass almost gone, middle 15oclock trebble 11oclock, no effects, a bit of reverb.

I use a Fender Stratocaster in 4th position.

I have NO idea if that makes any sense but it sounds well enough to go trough fundamentals 2.

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I am going to try to put some life in this forum :p

Today I tried to understand the Yamaha a bit better.

My first misunderstanding comes from gain, master and "guitar".

Gain seems to be about distortion. Without distortion, there is not much electric guitar coming out of the amp. Some amps don't have a 'gain' channel (like the Fender Blues junior) so you will need a pedal for the distortion. In the yamaha, this is a part of the amp (besides all the effects that normally are also pedals).

"Guitar" seems to be about the output from the guitar itself. Makes sense, since above it you can read "output" ... so the "input" is the guitar cable, and then it goes "out" in the amp.

Master seems to be about the overall volume output of the guitar.

(just correct me if I am wrong).

So, what I did was put the output full and the master on full. Gain I left as it was.

Now I strummed on the Fender (Strat, so 5 pick ups).. this was too loud. I think comparable to a Sonos One on full.

So, I dialed down the volume on the Strat.

The nice thing about that was that now I can play with the volume of the guitar while playing without having to mess around with the "master" and "output".

Then I started to play a bit with gain.

Gain is distortion and it's needed on the Yamaha to get the electric sound. So, I dialed it up until it was clean enough. My goal is to play in clean so I can practice in clean setting.

The bass, middle and treble seems to be all abot taste. So I just put those on a way my ears don't think "what the hell is this crap" , but if you look at the picture above Bass is @ 10 o clock, middle @ 11 and treble @ 1

I also put some reverb on the guitar and have it on the clean channel.

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