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Hi Dave, I'm working on the Van Morrison classic for kind of departure from my usual music tastes. While learning the electric verse i found it easier to practice strumming the chord progression with some of the chord embellishments at the start to get the groove and timing down. And then start adding the notes and hybrid picking once i had the basics down. Maybe i'm challenged that way, but learning all that at a slow pace gets tough. It seems like getting the rythym, chords, and the progression helps add some intensity to the learning process...what do you think? Thanks for the awesome job teaching it. I would love to see you do "Into the Mystic".Thanks Again!

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the props! Getting the basic chords and strumming rhythm first, then adding some of the electric guitar fills as you get more comfortable is a great path to success. Always start out slow at a tempo that you can play at without breaking the beat (or having pauses between chords and/or fills). This way of practice works for me (I still do it when I'm learning something new) as well as my students who follow this advice.

And be patient. It takes time and practice to play good solid guitar.


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