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Yer dedicated looper is the way to go. TC's Ditto has 5 minutes looping endurance. Or alternatively Kokko's SOS which I use, the same. The Kokko SOS is effectively a clone of TC's Ditto. Ideal to test the water relatively inexpensively with to see if that simple kind of looper suits you. As iterated in post #2 of this thread, I prefer the ergonomics of using my NUX Loop Core over the Kokko SOS.

If wanted you can source one here. I use that linked AliExpress store regularly, They are 100% legit, reliable, ship and deliver. Not sure how that price will display for you in terms of currency. They've gone up substantially since I bought as have most things guitar. I paid somewhere between AUD$40-$45 delivered 4½ years ago, so it cost me around a third of what the Ditto was then. PRC manufactured goods have increased in price since. Price delivered to me today to me would be AUD$78, just over half the price I can source a Ditto for locally, so still a worthwhile deal.