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Those of you into great guitars appreciative of the importance of personal fit literally and figuratively in one's playing might appreciate and enjoy this.

Jack Thammarat demonstrating the P90'd Revstar 502T. (Black bodied colour scheme here)

Already owning and playing an RS420MYG (see my avatar) with YGD VH3s, I'd already long decided upon this Revstar RS502T in Bowden Green being a reward for my next significant milestone at some indeterminate date in the future, most likely to be sometime in 2022 given the dearth of Yamaha electric guitar availability due the COVID lockdown induced increased sales/interest in guitar exacerbated by reduced production and importation capacity due same.

Although Jack frequently substitutes MAMA pickups in his guitars, the P90s in this vid are the original VP5 YGD (OEM) fitment. All model Revstar YGD pickups are manufactured in Korea by G&B to Yamaha design specification.

Sharing for your instrument awareness and enjoyment.



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Thank you for posting this! Pickups can be a bit confusing, and the info here is very interesting!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us.
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