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01/06/2003 7:36 pm
I'll try to explain how to get all the modes from a major scale.

Let's take the Cmaj , which is the basic scale... It goes on like this C D E F G A C D E F G A C D E F G A C etc.

The C note here is called the root, the D is the 2nd , E is the 3rd etc.

So if you start and end on the root which is C, you'll be playing a major (ionian) mode. [C D E F G A C]
If you changed the root into D, you'll be playing the dorian mode. [D E F G A C D ]

and so on, here is the list of the seven modes of the major scale:

1-Ionian (major)
6-Aeolian (natural minor)

If you're interested in phrygian & mixo modes... play the same notes of the Cmaj scale but start and end with E , that's E phrygian... and G from the same scale for G mixolydian... move the patterns you come up with up and down the fretboard for other Phrygian and Mixo modes.

The Modes has been discussed in full details several times on this forum, try searching for older posts here... You'll also find helpful related info like chord progressions .

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