Tute - FX loop or front end?

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Pedals: Effects Loop vs Front End input explained in 12½ minutes.

Whilst Anders and Christopher both have covered pedals in numerous tutorials here on Guitar Tricks in comprehensive tutes, unless I've forgotten or glossed over it (which is quite possible) this important specific topic aspect wasn't covered that I recall? NB. Readers, feel free to provide a direct link here for everyone to their specific topic coverage on effects loop vs front end input if I've erred in that assumption.

[br]So with that in mind, I thought to share this. Posted yesterday, this is one of a regular series Leigh Fuge does for Blackstar Amplification. Although he uses a Blackstar amp (Studio 10 6L6 valve) for the demo, this is applicable to any amp with both a front end clean input in conjunction with an alternative effects loop (send-return).

Although this also clarifies the theoretical technical differences and was the source which resolved my misunderstanding, the demonstration in the tute linked beforehand provides an interesting practical demonstration.

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For those using an FX processor there is still another way called the 4 wire method giving you best of both worlds; guitar goes to input FX processor, effects loop out on FX goes to guitar in from the amp, preamp out ( or on some amps called FX out ) goes to effects in on processor and finally FX processor out goes to Power amp in or FX loop in. This way you can use the pre amp section of your amp in different presets of your FX processor.


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