Looking for a fuzz pedal

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Hi! I am planning to get a fuzz pedal. I have a Gibson Les Paul, and a Marshall DSL 5C amp. I like 70's and 80's hard rock and metal, as well as blues rock. I got a Fulltone OCD and a MXR Super Badass Distortion. Nowadays, I enjoy the fuzzy tones of contemporary roots rock and stoner rock bands as well. (But I certainly don't like the sound of the alternative rock of the 90's.) Which versatile yet affordable fuzz pedal do you recommend? (I have EHX Big Muff w. Tone Wicker in my mind.)

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I bought an Ibanez OD850 a few months ago, there's a review of it in the reviews section of the forum. It's a great fuzz pedal and it works well with humbuckers, originally I was looking to buy a fuzz face but I tried out three versions and they all worked better with single coils than humbuckers.

The big muff is a solid option too, sounds great, personally I prefer the bass muff pedal on guitar, another favourite of the ones I've tried was the Death by Audio Fuzz War pedal.

One thing I have discovered is one fuzz pedal is never enough.

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