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04/06/2021 11:57 pm

I own 3 DAWs

Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio

Ableton Line 10 Suite

FL Studio 20 Signature Edition

Most DAWs have free trials, so it's worth trying them out to see what you like.

I personally over the years have ended up with these three, because I like them all for different reasons.

Mixcraft is great for its ease of use, and simple interface, as well as the ability to do video editing along with audio.

Ableton is the master of live performance, lining up one shots, or entire tracks etc, with a simple click or using the Push hardware along with it.

FL Studio is the one I use the most, it comes in a variesty of versions, so you can start small and upgrade as needed. It also allows you to use multiple monitors (Live was restricted to two, as far as i know) Also FL studio has an insane amount of documentation and tutorials and a simple interface (in my opinion, Live is much more of a learning curve)

And finally FL studio loads WAY faster then any other DAW I have ever used, 2-3 seconds on my PC, where Live may take a minute or more to initialize and load.

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