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11/17/2020 11:27 am

Just start to mess with recording and abit of mixing

but only doing two tracks to keep things real and real simple so I can get my brain around this

I use Logic Pro X

and defult Logic software instruments at this time I donot have any money to buy great sounding library’s so I have to use what I have and learn with that 😉

so I will for now wanting to learn to mix just two separate tracks

First Goal

1.How to layer and know what to look for when wanting to layer two separate tracks of virtual instruments

a.maybe the instruments sound very harsh or tinny sounding

So need to learn how to adjust that to be a useable Virtual Instrument

Second goal

1. How balance each track so all the frequencies are balance and even sounding in




I hope this made sense ?

"learning to create very emotionally musically phrasing
is a good idea, yeah? Lord please help me