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Hi been thinking about getting the spark amp for our living room in our small apartment

How is this amp Looking for honesty on what this amp can do

"learning to create very emotionally musically phrasing
is a good idea, yeah? Lord please help me
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Maybe look at post #15, and the following 2 post, in this thread:

I think you will find them informative.

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I own the spark amp, it's very good, well worth the asking price and it's surprised me how good it sounds. I recommend buying it.

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I've had one since they started shipping them out. I really like the sound of it for a practice amp. It's small and unasumming but what I love about it is the ability ot adjust everything from the spark app and all the differnt setups you can download.

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I have one as well, I even liked it so much that I bought my son one for his B-day. It’s very versatile and can do a lot. But please remember, it’s just a practice amp. I mostly like downloading the tone patches from the PG cloud from my favorite songs. I also like that you can use it as a Bluetooth speaker as well. It sounds great.

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