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Originally Posted by: ChristopherSchlegel
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Trip down memory lane for fans of The Monkees.


Those girls are great! I've enjoyed their covers & originals.

Because I'm a big Monkees fan I've played that song in a bunch of cover bands over the years. It always goes over well live! I even put it on my channel. But I can't sing as well as the girls. :) Also, I'm nowhere near as cute. Haha!

I think it a sure bet making that was super fun!

With the possible exception of a minority of those truly gifted by accident of birth and genetics, even if they should be, is anyone ever satisfied with their own singing voice? i.e. John Lennon.

(Edit: Listening to the remastered version I'd hotlinked, I realised the track wasn't "Roll Over Beethoven" but "Twist and Shout" from "Please Please Me" their first album. Not enough coffee this morning.) Hells bells. I'd give my left one to be able to sing a vocal like John Lennon famously did that in '62 when he was knackered from singing all the others in that recording session. Its signature rock 'n roll vocal with a very Beatles beat still reaches me like no other except perhaps the lyrics of "Imagine" almost a decade later. What a rocking cover of a fabulous rock 'n roll tune.

Although everyone today who's capable of breathing who listens to music or plays guitar has heard of The Beatles aware they were 'pretty big' in the 1960s, most don't realise [u]how big[/u] if only for short time The Monkees were, most notably throughout late 1966, 1967 and early 1968. But 24 months is 'a lifetime' in the perception of the mind of a 12-14 year old. [br][br]With The Beatles release of their rather radical Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band studio album in June of 1967, The Monkees distribution of their zany TV show, merchandising and prolific release of very commercial pop reached the pubescent teen demographic in a way the The Beatles Sgt. Peppers era didn't. Overnight The Monkees were a huge commercial success at the time literally dominating AM radio airplay for that year. I'm sure more teenage girls were 'in love' with Davy Jones than Peter Noone in 1967 until David Cassidy came along with another syndicated TV pop band in The Partridge Family a couple of years later. [br][br]The Cowsills, the real life family band upon which they were roughly modelled who had a mega hit worldwide with this song in 1967, were a much more complex, interesting, if tragically sad family story. Regardless exceptions to the formula, the examples above illustrate fairly well where American commercial pop was at that time, and how avant-garde The Beatles were musically with everyone else. Interesting times to experience.