Which guitar should i choose?

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Hey there im thinking about buying a new guitar, i started to play two months ago with a very old and already buzzing guitar.

i have in mind these 4 guitars:

fender cd-60sce[br]yamaha fgx800c[br]ibanez aeg-nt[br]ibanez aw54ceopn

[br]Can you please help me to choose one or recommend me a different.[br]Thank you :D

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Hey Ramirezmanfredo16,

This is a tough one! All of those guitars seem to be in the same class / price range.

The best thing you could do is try to test them all at a Guitar Center, because it's going to come down to which one you like best when you're playing it. (As well as the looks of it, since they all have different woods and colors.) Some guitars will feel more expensive or cheap in person, so it's not easy to know online. You could even have two of the same exact model and there will be differences in them, so it's important to play the actual guitar you're buying. These are things you'll pick up on in person by holding the guitar and testing it.

In that price range, the most important thing is finding a guitar you like the feel and look of, so you'll want to keep playing.


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I have the Fender cd-60. I wish I didn't. I have an affection for it (and am closing its ears while I type this...), but it feels cheap and tinny regardless of strings, and I wish I'd bought the Martin I really wanted. But I didn't know I was going to get serious about it again. Sigh...

"You can get what you want or you can just get old." Billy Joel

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For acoustic I would choose the Yamaha over the others, especially Fender. I have heard nothing but great things about the FG800 so I would assume the acoustic electric would be just as good. As someone else said though the best way would be to sit down with each and see how they feel both physically and sonically. I would focus on how the neck feels to you and which one feels more comfortable , then see how it sounds. If it doesnt feel comfortable to you it might never feel right. Each guitar even the same model can vary from one to the next. You might also add Washburn or Seagull or Eastman to the brands you looking at. I would say Taylor, but they are a step up in price.

Disclaimer: I have owned a Yamaha FG 460S for over 30 years and literally love the thing, I also own a Washburn EA 20 SNB which is is unique intrument. Both have their own unique feel and tone.

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I don't have first hand knowledge of any of the models on your list but I have a Yamaha apx500. This isn't in your list but from my experience the company seems to make good pieces and they are built to last. I primarily play electric now and don't play it nearly as much as I should. But when I pick it up it is ready to go. Stays in tune and feels really good. My pickup needs to be replaced as the battery cavity is shorted but that is likely caused by the rigors of travel rather than craftsmanship. [br][br]

hope this will help and no matter what you go with congratulations on the new gear.

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I'd rather choose Yamaha 😀

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