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I just got my spark amp, And I love it. It sounds great and u get endless tones from the tone cloud. only downside, I had to wait 5 months to get it. WELL WORTH THE WAIT!

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Congrats on the new amp. I may look into that when the time comes to upgrade.

Why don't guitars come with an instruction manual ?

Oh yeah, that's what GuitarTricks is for..

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I got one too received 5 weeks after an order made early July. I understand that the company has more stocks and supply chain under control now.

Nevertheless I subsequently requested the supplier to provide a grounded Power supply to cancel the noise I experienced with thc amp.

It's a great practice amp, innovative that sounds great.

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I'd agree with the above.[br]I got one too this year. Great value for money for practicing at home.[br]The AI tab thing working with web media is clearly not as good as looking up tabs elsewhere, but it will find the chords at least.[br]The huge value to me is around the amp sounds and effects... The choice is vast and many users share the settings they found matching best different songs. I find it extremely efficient to very quickly get close to the right sound and allows experimenting without spending fortunes on amps and pedals.[br]I otherwise have a Marshall DSL5C (valve). I love its "vibrant/warm" sound (not sure how best to describe it), but much less so with headphones (persistant valve residual noise audible whenever I pause playing - not great for learning). I suppose it is just not really meant to be used with headphones...[br]Spark, or modelling amps in general I presume, are much better for that.

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