Strap for acoustic-electric guitar

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So I recently purchased a new Yamaha AC3R acoustic-electric guitar.

Great guitar, except for the strap peg. The strap on the guitar doesn't work with this strap:

So my question is:

1) Do you recommend a locking strap for my $1000 guitar. The strap doesn't look like it is about to fall off, but I know that some people like to buy a locking strap.

2) If so, what would you recommend? Would something like this work?

If anyone has an AC3R or some other Yamaha A-series guitar, that would be great!

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your loops would work but why not change your pegs to D'Addario

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I use a Guatmalin woven cotton belt as a strap. It is very wide but very thin and comfortable. It has good friction so your guitar stays put better. It is also not sweaty like a plastic or heavy leather strap. I permanently attached it to my guitar and I never take it off. I have one for my electric and one for each of my accoustics. One is a Yamaha

As a result I never take the straps off. They are attached so they remain with the guitar when I put it in its case. NO WORRIES ABOUT THING GETTING AWAY FROM YOU. I love it. If you are currious about doing so your self I will glad to explain how I did it.

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