Alvarez LJ2 vs GS Mini, Martin 000 Jr

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I did a ton of research on picking a new travel acoustic and was between the Taylor GS Mini, Martin 000 Jr, and the Alvarez LJ2. Went to the guitar center and all they had was the GS Mini, but it sounded less astounding to me than they seem to capture on the Youtube vids, so after listening to the LJ2 online, and comparing it to the other two, I went with the LJ2. It's a bit more than half the price of the other two and really sounds great; I was pleasantly surprised when I started playing it. If you really want the Martin "voice" with either the 000 Jr or Dreadnought Jr, that is also a great option. If you're deciding between the GS Mini and the LJ2, I recommend the LJ2. Sound is very similar and the LJ2 is much less expensive. Both have a solid top and HPL sides.

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