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#0 Originally Posted by: DavesGuitarJourney

I had kind of put off barre chords for awhile but reading tihs inspired me to give it another shot. I definitely find it helpful to place the other fingers first and then apply the barre.

I still cannot consistently play an F, but I can do it sometimes. That is definitely progress. I can usually get all 6 strings to ring clearly (eventually) on the electric. Acoustic is much more difficult still. I seem to have the most trouble with the B string. I haven't quite learned exactly what I have to do to get the index finger just right, and I think it is going to be different on the electric and the acoustic.

I think working on power chords has helped train my fingers for this. Baby steps, but steps in the right direction. With patience, persistence, and great teamwork here on the forum we'll all get this!

Try practicing just the barre until you can get all six strings to ring clearly up and down the neck.  You try moving your finger around on the fret to find the best postiion for the five and six string barres. After you are comfortable with you barre, it may be easier to add the other fingers to complete the chord.