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I was thought by GT to use my thumb for the E, A and G strings and my index, middle and ring fingers respectively for the G, B and E strings.

The problem im dealing with right now has to do with finger picking down on the G, B and E strings. Do I use the same fingers for that? If so, what is the correct way to do so? Or should I use my thumb when picking up on these strings?

I have the same question for the E, A and G strings regarding the thumb.

Any help would kindly be appreciated,

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Hey Ahmet, it’s totally OK to switch up your fingers depending on what you’re playing. If you’re going to be on G B E Strings for a little while during a section, do Thumb Index Middle for those. It’s all about efficiency. There’s really no “rule” and you won’t be breaking any laws. :)

Assigning fingers to strings as a beginner (like you mentioned) is like training wheels. Once you are trained you can start moving them around.

Some call this “zoning.” If you’re fingerpicking in a 6-String Zone (using all 6 strings) then that pattern you mentioned is pretty good. But if you’re in a 3-String Zone (only using 3 strings) then it’s good to switch over to your fingers that are strongest and most agile, which are going to be Thumb Index Middle. Same if you have a group of three low strings like E A D.

But if youre following a course, just stick with the training wheels until it’s time to change.

Let me know now if that helps.


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Solid advice! thanks.

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