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Congrats on working through GF 1 & 2. Thanks for the background info. That helps a great deal.

Originally Posted by: AndrewTannerMy question is though is how much time should I really spend on major/minor scales?[/quote]

I encourage you to dive right into Blues 1 & 2, while making time to work on those basic scales. If you already have years of practical playing experience, then you are probably already beyond the purpose of scales for beginner stages.

At the beginner stage a student is just starting to learn:

1. The physical motions required to play single string melodies.

2. The sound & intervals of the scales as the building blocks of music; essentially aural or ear training.

So if you already have those somewhat under your command, then you are doing fine to just make scale practice a small part of your regular practice routine. Otherwise, I'd encouage you to work on them much more. The reason is that one you get into blues, you will find yourself getting frustrated if you are unable to keep up with the single note lead lines & licks taught in blues.

Anders will incorporate the theory you need, when you need it in the context of the course.

[quote=AndrewTanner]I spent yesterday evening putting myself together a learning plan so I can have some proper structure. It's a mixture of practicing scales, chord progressions, taking lessons on this site and also improving techniques and accuracy.

Excellent! Sounds like you are prepared & motivated. :) Good for you!

I have 2 other items of advice.

1. Start learning songs. Blues songs if that's what you like. You don't have to learn every last lick of a song, especially if it's beyond your skills right now. But learn the basic structure of the song & a simplified version of the chords at your level. Go back later & refine it or add more complex layers once you grain those skills.

2. Look at my collection on basic blues licks. These are the foundation licks that are found in the vast majority of blues guitar playing.

Have fun!

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