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Hi all,

I'm a player of 16 years (predominantly electric) so while guitar is not new to me, learning it properly is. I went right back to basics with GF1 and picked up some theory with GF1 and GF2. I know that I should spend time practicing what I have learned (major and minor chords, major key progressions, major and minor scales, 7th dominant, sus2 and sus4 chords) before I move onto the next course I want to focus on, Blues.

My question is though is how much time should I really spend on major/minor scales? I do understand the importance of the fundamentals of them, but practically I wonder if I'm better moving to the Blues course sooner rather than later as opposed to noodling around in the major and minor keys? I'm not saying I would never practise the major and minor areas but they themselves strike me as building blocks for more specific styles which seems to be the more practical, guitar driven, approach.

I spent yesterday evening putting myself together a learning plan so I can have some proper structure. It's a mixture of practicing scales, chord progressions, taking lessons on this site and also improving techniques and accuracy.

Any input much appreciated!