Billy, I'm out...

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Billy and the rest of the GT powers that be...

After going through the following exchange:

Originally Posted by: jsn.hgl
Originally Posted by: DanL1553

I can not find the 'turn loop on' button when using my iPad Pro. I'm accessing through Safari. I've recently started using my iPad for learning songs on GT and really need the loop function. Struggling with the timing of lead riffs on several songs. The lesson screen help wasn't much help..

[br]Recently went round and round with the GT support folks. They didn't have an answer for me. Here's what I've found out through my own trial and error:

-no looping in the app

-no looping in Safari on an iPhone

-looping in Safari on an iPad only through keyboard commands and only with the desktop version of the website (you have to click on the "Aa" next to the browser's address bar and select "Request desktop website") . THEN, you have to tap on the video screen to activate the features of the video such as playback speed and THEN- R brings up the looping feature, A sets the start of the loop, B sets the end of the loop

[br]Horrible UX for such an absolutely essential feature for learning!

and looking again at the disgruntled messages in the "Autoscroll" thread in the same section of the forum...and thinking back to my poor experience trying to get answers for what your company's plans for improvements are...

I've just got to move on. I hope you guys iron out your UI/UX issues. Such great instructors and well-crafted learning paths all spoiled by feature frustrations and inconsistencies.

I will be cancelling my recent renewal and getting my money back. By the way, I'd willingly pay more if things were better here.

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