Squeaky strings

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I have recently had a set-up for my guitar and also replaced the old strings with new ones (Rotto Sound Yellow .10 gauge round wound). What happened is now whenever i move power chords or barre chords, the string squeak so much that i cannot record or even play properly. I did not had it before. [br][br]In regards to my technique i half raise the fingers half slide them from shape to shape (when the shape is the same).

The strings i had before were elixir heavy gauge .10 and they did not squeak? It's not really easy for me to afford to get strings so often (now with covid-19 and money problems) should i just get the elixir strings? Is the squeaky sound because the strings are very new even though they are round wound? Or is there a way to fix it?

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Tone Finger-ease

Great stuff. Actually my favourite string lubricant product. Cheap as chips in the US, but more expensive than gold in my country so I use Dunlop 65 instead. OK hyperbole, but that tiny can is x4 the price here in relative terms that it is in the US.

Use it. Problem solved.

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