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Hey guys I recently purchased a used Ibanez Talman acoustic/electric and soon discovered fret buzz on all strings at the 1st fret. My initial thought was the nut but I thought that I would adjust the truss rod 1st. No go so I'm thinking shimmying the nut but the guitar seems pretty new so I don't know why that would be necessary. It doesn't look like anyone ever messed with the nut or bridge so stick set-up. Anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you!

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Hi masterchefstan,

Fixing fret buzz is pretty tough without the proper tools and even if you do have the tools it can be tricky to do.

You can do a few things:

1. Adjust the saddles of the bridge. You can lower the saddles or raise them, which will raise your guitar's overall action, and that can help, but this also means your guitar will have higher action!

2. You can shave the frets themselves, but this requires some sand paper and a fret tool that measure the fret height.

3. You can also try adjusting the nut, but I've only ever heard of shaving the grooves that hold the strings on the nut, which is something you don't want because, shaving them will ultimately make your strings sink closer to the fretboard, creating more buzz.

4. You can adjust the truss rod, but doing so is also tricky because it can completely break your guitar if you adjust it too much. All of these things require going to a professional and during these times, that's a tough thing to do.

Best of luck!

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