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Posted in early 2019 apparently, but somehow slipped under my radar. Another fav from the early 1960s given the MonaLisa treatment.

Worth a watch, although not in the same class their Beatles and Hollies covers.

Although capable enough, this one presents aurally as a bit lacklustre in comparison with their usual detailed exceptional quality performance and recording standards, and relatively, feels kinda' cobbled together both in clip editing and overall performance.

Nevertheless here is their cover of The Kinks 1964 hit "You Really Got Me". Although it's not complex musically, it's a pretty challenging tune to play [u]physically[/u] for we older gentlemen if played in the same key the same way up and down the neck as 17 year old Dave did in the day.

For those appreciative of The Kinks and Monal Lisa Twins out there.


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Thanks for sharing, manXcat!

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