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I cant see your video on my computer.  However I use both hands to mute strings when I bend.  With my strumming hand, I use the heel of my thumb, and the back side of my non picking fingers, to form a good mute on the strings all around the one I am bending.  The heel mutes the strings above (toward the ceiling)the strings/ strings I want to sound, and  the backside of my non picking fingers mutes the strings below (toward the floor).  I hope this makes sense. 

What I end up with is a mute that can allow as many strings as I want to sound, without the clatter of the ones I don't want making extraneous noise.  Also, I can easily roll on the rest of the heel of my strumming hand to completely mute the entire instrument. 

This in  conjunction with the fretting hand mutes, mentioned in the thread above, all help to keep those nonsounding strings in check.  I also find a lot of tone control (Ghost notes, harmonics, ect) in my strumming hand mutes , so this has been a very interesting technique for me to explore. Lots of varriable control to be had from this technique!


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