I'm hearing voices........

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Ufo's,demons,Nato,George Bush?
Every night at about 9:30 westcoast time,
strange garbled voices start coming out of my Amp.This is a Mystery to me and it really distracts my practice.
Anyone ever have this problem ????
Or should I just check myself into the hospitals Psych ward?
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yes you do that.... RIGHT NOW!!
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A friend of mine says the same thing happens when he turns the volume up on his amp and guitar. It's strange that it only picks the signals up at 9:30 though.

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I think i know what it is. Your picking up radio signals. Me and my friend where playing with his amp and we turned it up full blast without conecting the guitar, and we heard the radio! it kicked ass!!!!! P.S. anyone seen that new show "jackass" on mtv? funnier than hell!

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I had the same problem with my Twin Reverb many years ago. I lived right my the hospital and I'd constantly hear stuff like "ringers lactate D5W, prepare to defibrilate"
So I wrote it into a song...
...Yeah....power chords... Death death death........dah dah dah"
twang, lead solo......'ringers lactate'.....dah dah dah -then back into the song.

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i might be gremlins, yes, gremlins. there have been such cases reported that little green men live in people's amp and can be heard talking through them, though the actual reporting's are few and far between i believe these things are true. Yeah ramm that show is the funniest thing on tv. IF you guys are still mad at mtv please just watch this show it'll have you laughing all day.
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The same thing happens with a bass amp at my school. If you plug the lead into the active channel you can sit there and listen to the radio, it's pretty wierd though.

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