Been to Consrevatory/Music School?

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If you did tell us in which one and how it was? Was it worth the cash? How do you rate your improvrment since you entered that school?
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Good thread. Haven´t been in a music school but maby somday. I would like to go at GIT.
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What's GIT?
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always depends on what you wanna do with your musical career. here in austria we have the oldest music-universities and conservatories. about 30 years ago the education there was over the top - but now i would not recommend it (at least not for guitarrists) - the problem is, that when you are done with it you are like a machine with a lil slot where you can insert a coin and chose any song - seriously - you´ll need ages to get back to your own style. especially in classical music - those university dudes are pure sight-reading players and every note is played perfectly. but sadly 90% of them cannot improvise nore write a song apart from the strict rules they have learned. its a great loss of individuality.

the GIT would be cool though.

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